repair service
for your device

Being an authorised service center for the leading mobile phone manufacturers Bea-Fon, LG Electronics, Mobistel, Nokia, PocketBook, Samsung, Sharp, Sony Mobile/Sony Ericsson and ZTE, we carry out repairs of both phones within and out of the manufacturer’s warranty for you.


Software Update

Always be up to date - latest software approved by the manufacturer for your device.

Mechanical Repair

Professional repair due to mechanical damages.

Electrical Repair

Professional repairs down to component level with up-to-date soldering and measurement technology.


Quality-assured replacement of all external components.

Data backup

Cost-effective way of backup of the mobile phone datas.


Resetting of passwords, lock codes and lock patterns to factory settings.

Here you can find a summary of interesting facts:

We will show you the exact procedure of the mobile phone repairing-process.

Please note the following restrictions:

corrosion damage

No repair of corrosion damages during and after the warranty.

unauthorised interference

No repair in case of unauthorised interference with the phone.


No removal of SIM locks or brandings.